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Improve your business!

The system that allows companies to use their logo as a commercial vehicle

Wil is a new AR application for Android and iOS. whose operation is considerably simple:
by activating the app and pointing the camera at the brand logo you are interested in, the software scans the image and returns all the information that the company owning the brand means to convey to the public: contact (email, phone, website web, social), promotional offers, list of retailers, shops and service centers next you.
The user of the app can immediately manage his data or include them in his favorite brands. Thanks to Wil, the logo shown on a shirt, drawn on a product, printed on a billboard or a magazine, becomes a channel of communication for the brand.

Many Connections

If you have a logo, just save it on and associate all information you want. By framing your logo or your QR, people can contact you much easier using the system they prefer:

address, tel, email, offers, website, Special Offers, Blog, eCommerce, Amazon, App Store, Beanche, Blogger, Digg, Ebay, Facebook, Flickr, Google Play, Google+, Instagram
LinkedIn, MySpace, PayPal, Pinterest, Reddit, Rss, Skype, Spotify, Stumpleupon, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, Wordpress, YouTube and others...

Test Wil

Download from the Apple Store and Google Play. You can try using the logos of example that you find below.

Promote your Business!

About WhoisLogo

With Wil, the companies can use their own brand as an advertising system wherever it is played; at the same time, users can have instant access to any useful information starting with the company’s logo they may be interested in.